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Litchfield, CT


Truly Great Coffee


To our spot,

Welcome to Toast & Co. of Litchfield CT.  We are so pleased  you stopped by to check us out.  We are a family run business that is watching our dreams come to life and are so grateful for our community's support.  Here at Toast & Co. we look forward to providing the Litchfield community with a comfy spot to enjoy a delicious cup of fresh brewed coffee, tea, or one of our many espresso drinks.  If cold is more your style, we offer a large selection of Iced beverages, as well as delicious smoothies, and milkshakes!  To satisfy your belly, we will have TOAST featuring Bantam Bread for our toast selection, breakfast sandwiches (that are to die for), muffins, donuts, and other specialty home baked items that you won't find anywhere else.  Fresh hot soups ( in the winter ), and sandwiches that will make the lunch crowd happy any day of the week.  We hope that you will stop in and say hello to our friendly faces while you enjoy our delicious selections and become part of our toast community!  See you soon!


A great cup of coffee is not easy to come by, we made sure we did a great amount of research and taste testing before we found the right coffee for our customers. Our house roast is a customized two bean blend called Rain Forest Alliance Bold.This blend is special because it comes from an orginization that educates sustainible coffee farmers on how to maintain the land and suppport a healthy enviorment for their community.  


Our house roast is so smooth and delicious it has become a favorite for our customers. We also offer this roast in decaf. For some of our more flavor ful tastebuds we also offer a seasonal brewed flavor, make sure you try our pumpkin spice in the fall its a fan favorite!


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