Mr. & Mrs. Toast

Mark & Christine Abbott are the proud owners of Toast & Co. in Litchfield, CT the town they call home. The dream of opening up their own restaurant started with Mark texting Christine to come check out a space that was available right in town. After checking the space and doing a little brainstorming, a lot of praying they decided to go for it.

Many of their friends and family thought they were crazy and they were biting off more than they could chew. But if you know Mark and Christine, you know how hard they work, and together as a team they are an amazing force of positive energy and can achieve anything they set out to do!

In April 2019 they opened the doors and haven't looked back since! Although they typically work seven days a week, they absolutely love it and are so happy they took a leap of faith and followed their dream! With no prior restaurant experience people often ask, how did they do it, they both agree that hard work works! and surrounding  yourself with good people is the key to success! 


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